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"Paul Battles was my son's guitar teacher through middle and high school. In addition to excellent technical training on the instrument, Paul's lessons included music theory and compositional concepts derived from his own exceedingly qualified training and experience. Never demanding, always encouraging, Paul not only gave my son the tools and the room he needed to grow, as a musician and as a young man; he also tactfully guided me in my role as a supportive parent. ( I also appreciated his professional yet flexible attitude regarding details of scheduling and payment.) In terms of learning goals, Paul's preparation enabled my son to gain admission to and succeed at one of the premier music colleges in the world. More than outcome, though, more than his intrinsic qualities as a good teacher, more even than the music, Paul's generous spirit and understated personal example of hard work, dedication and respectful collaboration offer a model any student might emulate." - Jean S.

"I am an older beginner who has been taking acoustic guitar lessons for about six months. He is thorough, patient, and encouraging with a focus on learning and playing the music that I enjoy. My family is amazed at the progress I've made. One other thing; I resisted learning guitar theory at first, but I've since learned to appreciate how it has expanded my playing." - Bill M.

"Extremely helpful. Love playing with him. He knows exactly when to push you and exactly when to let you do your thing. THIS GUY KNOWS HIS STUFF!!! Jazz, rock, blues, funk, you know, the good stuff. Outstanding musician and a great teacher. Love this guy. I would recommend him to anyone of any level of skill or experience. The best." - Noah M.

"My kids have been taking lessons with Paul for two years. He's flexible, affordable, and knowledgable. The lessons and song choices are fun, yet teach the basics that all players will need. Highly recommended." - Pete B.

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